Monday, January 26, 2009

1. I have been in the United Kingdom for more than a week – a long time for me to stay in any place abroad.

2. When I left Malaysia the papers and television were full of reports on the Israeli brutalities in Gaza. There were heart-wrenching pictures of little children half-buried in the rubble of destroyed houses. I was very upset with Israeli brutalities and I thought the whole world would condemn Israel.

3. I was shocked that in the United Kingdom, the land of the free press and free speech there was hardly any report on Gaza and the Israeli invasion. Certainly there were no pictures of the brutal killing of children.

4. I understand that it is the same in America, another great advocate of the freedom of the Press.

5. Maybe by freedom of the Press they mean allowing the Press to pick and choose what they wish to publish. Yet they talk about self-censorship in Malaysia. What our papers fail to report is nothing compared to what the British and American media fail to report. Obviously they are protecting Israel’s interest.

6. All these give credence to the allegation that the Jews control the Western media. When in 2003 at the OIC conference I said that the Jews rule the world by proxy, I was condemned by the Western press and the US Government. It would seem that Jewish control over the ethnic European countries, in particular the United States of America is total.
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