Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kata Annuar Musa – UMNO Lillahi ta’ala atau UMNO “kerana Allah”

Saya nak tanya apakah UMNO mencuri kerana Allah, UMNO menipu kerana Allah, UMNO makan suap dan UMNO sogok duit kerana Allah.

Apakah UMNO pindah pengundi, tukar tempat mengundi, tukar sempadan untuk mencuri pengundi Melayu, UMNO seleweng undi pos kerana Allah.

Annuar sepatutnya junjung Quran dan lafaz bahawa semua yang dunia tahu dilakukan oleh UMNO adalah kerana Allah.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

** This posting is in reference to this report 

Dear Mr Johari,

1. Do not try to confuse the public by saying that it is just a normal outflow of foreign funds from Malaysia.

2. Yes, foreign investors do liquidate their holdings in Malaysia to take out their money when the Ringgit depreciate or from fear of shares collapsing.

3. Bank Negara as managers of our foreign currency reserves is already holding the foreign currencies (US bonds).

4. Its duty is to sustain the value of the Malaysian Ringgit should the market lose confidence in the Government’s management of its finances among other things.

5. To sustain the value of the Ringgit, Bank Negara must buy the Ringgit i.e. show there is a demand for the Ringgit.

6. But with what can Bank Negara buy the Ringgit. The obvious source is the foreign currency reserves it is holding. Effectively Bank Negara id trading USD from the national reserves for devalued Ringgits.

7. The Ringgit value may be sustained. But continued lack of confidence in the market may force further devaluation of the Ringgit.

8. And Bank Negara would have to use more USD from the reserves to support the Ringgit. As we all know the Ringgit did not recover during those years.

9. The outflow of USD39.6 billion can only be caused by Bank Negara selling US dollars from the national reserves, causing the reserve to lose money during the period between 2013 to 2015. This is admitted by Bank Negara itself. This is what happens when the Ringgit is allowed to float.

10. Can Mr. Johari explain how else the reserve can shrink? Can he explain why Bank Negara has to follow the trend and join in the outflow of the USD? When the private sector was selling the depreciating Ringgit for USD, why is Bank Negara selling the USD for devalued Ringgit.

Friday, December 22, 2017

1. Opposition parties can only demonstrate. But Governments can act meaningfully.

2. Umno’s demo together with Pas can only be meaningful if it results in the BN Government acting against Donald Trump and the United States.

3. We call upon the Umno-led Government to follow Turkey in setting up a Malaysian consulate accredited to the Government of Palestine in Jerusalem, its capital.

4. We call upon the Malaysian Government to vote in favour of a draft resolution condemning the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

5. We, the Opposition call upon Najib to rescind his words to Donald Trump during his visit to see the President of the U.S. that “the enemies of the United States are also the enemies of Malaysia”.

6. The U.S. regards Palestine as an enemy of the United States. Malaysia must assure the world that Palestine is not our enemy, that we are in favour of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

1. Seperti yang dijangka penubuhan RCI bertujuan mencari alasan untuk mengaitkan dan menyalahkan kepimpinan parti lawan dengan dakwaan bahawa pegawai-pegawai Bank Negara menipu jumlah kehilangan duit bank semasa mengurus dagangan mata wang 30 tahun dahulu.

2. Kononnya Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri pada masa itu tahu dan sedar berkenaan dengan penipuan ini tetapi mereka tidak mendedahkan perbuatan ini, bermakna mereka bersubahat.

3. Apakah bukti mereka tahu dan bersubahat tidak dijelaskan. Yang tentu tahu dan bersubahat menyembunyi jumlah kehilangan sebenar ialah orang yang, selepas 30 tahun, membuat dakwaan bahawa jumlah kehilangan sebenar bukan 11 billion Ringgit tetapi 30 billion.

4. Sudah tentu Abdul Murad sebagai pegawai bank negara benar-benar sudah lama tahu dan sedar akan jumlah kehilangan dan penipuan yang dibuat. Sudah tentu ia boleh dedah awal-awal lagi penyelewengan ini dan pegawai- pegawai dan auditor yang terlibat. Tetapi ia tidak dedah.

5. Jika Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dikatakan bersama menyembunyi angka 30 billion, Abdul Murad lebih terlibat dengan menyembunyi kebenaran. Tetapi Abdul Murad tidak dianggap bersalah kerana menyembunyi penipuan itu begitu lama.

6. Abdul Murad pilih untuk mendedah “breach of faith” ini apabila jelas pendedahan olehnya akan memberi Perdana Menteri Najib peluang bertindak terhadap musuh politiknya walaupun perkara ini tidak lagi disoal bertahun-tahun, walaupun oleh parti-parti pembangkang.

7. Dengan tidak menghormati maksud undang-undang, Najib dengan kuasanya merebut peluang memulakan proses supaya akhirnya Perdana Menteri masa itu dan Timbalannya dapat disalahkan.

8. RCI ini memakan masa yang panjang. Ramailah saksi dipanggil dan kenyataan-kenyataan panjang mereka diperdengarkan. Selain dari saksi disoal dan menjawab, memorandum yang panjang dengan butir-butir terperinci oleh saksi diserah kepada RCI. Peguam-peguam saksi turut hadir sepanjang RCI bersidang. Mereka juga turut memberi penjelasan dan membuat soalan.

9. Memanglah RCI berhak membuat laporan tersendiri. Tetapi laporan yang diserah kepada Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang DiPertuan Agong, walaupun tebal tetapi jelas menunjuk bahawa butir-butir yang ditulis oleh RCI hampir tidak mengandungi fakta-fakta yang relevan yang diperdengarkan oleh saksi atau memorandum mereka. Walaupun penjelasan oleh saksi dicatit verbatim atau terperinci, tetapi RCI tidak sedikit pun menghirau penjelasan oleh saksi.

10. Yang jelas ialah seluruh laporan RCI menumpu kepada penentuan penglibatan Perdana Menteri, Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan dan Ketua pasukan bahagian dagangan wang Bank Negara.

11. Semuanya berasas kepada sangkaan. Sangkaan ini dianggap sebagai fakta benar untuk polis bertindak.

12. RCI bukanlah badan kehakiman. Tetapi laporannya lebih merupakan hukuman terhadap pihak yang dibicara.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

1. Malaysia today is experiencing the destruction of democracy, the system it chose for the governance of the country at independence.

2. It is now described as a kleptocracy, a country ruled by thieves and robbers. But more than that it is a country where there is no rule of law, where the rulers do anything they please.

3. We had chosen democracy because we believed that the people will rule the country. It would not be direct rule of course. It would be through elected representatives.

4. We believed that if the chosen rulers fail the people, they would be rejected and a new set of rulers elected to take their place.

5. But unfortunately, the system is open to abuse. The process of electing can be manipulated. There are many ways of doing. We are experiencing them today.

6. In the first place, the Election Commission which should be independent, is totally under Government control.

7. It begins with the delineation of the constituencies. The borders can be shifted, polling station changed, and voter names can disappear and reappear somewhere else.

8. Bribery of the voters is open. Reports to the authorities result in no action. Besides money, kitchen appliances and other goodies are openly distributed.

9. The opposition parties are harassed, faults found and registration delayed or denied.

10. All sources of funds for the opposition are blocked, with potential donors being threatened, forced to pay extra taxes and accused of money laundering. Their money in the banks are frozen so that they cannot do business. Certainly not finance the opposition.

11. Government meeting halls are closed to the opposition parties. Hotels may not let their halls be used by the opposition. Local authorities do not permit usage of open spaces for meetings of the opposition. In several cases erection of tents for public gatherings were not allowed.

12. Although the vote is secret. Government spread rumours that it knows who the voters are voting for. There is an implied threat that those voting for the opposition would be punished.

13. Government employees are engaged to man the polling stations and many are instructed to favour Government party candidates in one way or another.

14. Officers in Government agencies and companies are told that they and their staff must ensure everyone supports the Government party. They are threatened with dismissal if they fail to do so.

15. Clearly the election will not be fair. But there are other things that the Government is openly doing to paralyse the opposition. Leaders of the opposition parties are being accused of all kinds of crimes. An incident which happened 30+ years ago is resurrected and a Royal Commission of Inquiry set up which, as expected, finds the opposition leaders had committed breaches and must be investigated by the police.

16. Yet when there is clear evidence that the Prime Minister had misappropriated billions of Ringgit of Government money, the reports on this is placed under the Official Secrets Act and no action taken by the police to investigate.

17. Losing 30 billion Ringgit is serious. But now, NOW, the BNM has reported a loss USD 39.6 billion (Ringgit 162.36 billion at current rate) between 2013-2015. How this huge loss was incurred is not explained. But the fact is that it is an enormous loss. It is four times the loss 30 years ago. Who made this decision which resulted in this huge loss. Who authorised the action which resulted in this loss.

18. Then there is the loss of wealth because of devaluation of the Ringgit. When it was pegged at 3.80 to 1USD, much money was saved. Unwisely it was floated resulting at first in its strengthening to RM3.00 to 1USD.

19. But bad management of the economy and the huge debts taken by the Government caused a loss of confidence in the country. And the Ringgit depreciated to almost RM4.50 to 1USD. Now it has strengthened to 4.1 to 1USD.

20. In the process the people and the nation lost huge sums of money because of the decision to unpeg.

21. But no investigations have been carried out. And no explanation is given to the suffering public. Certainly no Royal Commission of Inquiry has been set up.

22. It would seem that the ruling party in a democracy can abuse and manipulate the powers of the Government as it pleases.

23. Clearly all these can happen in a democracy. In a number of other democratic nations, irresponsible extremists and apparently deranged people can be elected. The result is bad Government and bad governance.

24. Still democracy is the best system of Government ever invented by Man. If democracy does not deliver, it is not because of the concept of Government of the people, by the People and for the People. It is because of the abuses of the system.

25. Democracy is a great system for the governance of a country. It is however not perfect. It is open to abuse. As we can see today democracy can easily be transformed into a kleptocracy, a Government of thieves, by thieves and for thieves.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

1. Najib fears financial support for the opposition. To stop this Najib resorts to threats and harassments against potential donors to the opposition.

2. This takes the form of squeezing individuals and companies for extra income and corporate taxes. The Income Tax people visit the potential donors and demand to be paid more taxes.

3. The records show that these people have paid all their taxes. But Income Tax people would reclassify allowances and make them taxable. Tax would be demanded on these newly taxable items and back dated by 10 or 20 years. Suddenly the tax payers find that they have to pay millions in back taxes.

4. They may protest and refuse to pay. The tax people will blacklist them and seize company books and other records. With this business had to stop. The losses would be huge.

5. Court procedures can take years. The losses would mount. Sometimes passports would be confiscated, again obstructing business.

6. Desperate, the tax-payers would bargain with the tax-collector. He would agree to pay a lesser amount and plead for payment in instalments. Sometimes the tax department would agree. But the tax payers are warned not to donate to opposition parties; not even being seen near them.

7. With that not only will the opposition be deprived of funds but the Government would collect more taxes. At a time when businesses are not doing well, the Government records more taxes being collected.

8. Another form of harassment is to accuse the businessmen of money laundering. No evidence need to be shown that this crime has been committed. The accusation alone is enough for the Government to freeze the accounts of the individual or company in the banks. With the funds frozen, business cannot be done. And of course no donation to the opposition can be made.

9. The victim would appeal. He would agree to a fine of a good portion of his money. But he must agree not to donate to the opposition parties, not even to continue friendship with certain individuals.

10. This type of tax-collecting is unprecedented. But the staff are said to be willing to do illegal things because they may receive a bonus for increasing tax collection.

11. All the signs show that the Government is short of funds. Ministries have been told to cut down on the budget allocated to them.

12. The huge loans taken by 1MDB and by the Government itself need to be serviced and paid. By the end of July, IPIC was paid USD 600 million. There are USD 600 million more to be paid by December 17.

13. The Government had hoped to borrow 55 billion for the East Coast Rail Link from China. There is no way the ECRL can earn enough money to repay this huge loan.

14. All the signs show the Government will not be able to meet even its normal obligations in terms of operation and development.

15. But the Government is spending more money to counter voter sentiment against Najib and his Government. Najib believes if the amount given is big enough, the voters would vote for him.

16. Currently Felda settlers are up in arms over the debts they had to take to purchase FGV shares and for replanting. Basically Najib promised to wipe out these debts with Government money.

17. His latest decision is as follows:

a) For 94,956 Felda settlers he will give RM 5000/- each (total RM 474,780,000).

b) Those who lost money because of the fall in the price of FGV share they had bought would get a gift of RM1800/- each.

c) Settlers who had left the Felda scheme will get all these incentives if they choose to rejoin Felda within 6 months.

d) For armed force Veterans a new pension scheme will be given to those veterans who were not eligible for pensions.

e) For the chairman and secretary of the Village Development Committee (JKKK) monthly pay of RM900 and RM300 will be paid as meeting allowances. There are 33, 000 Chairman and Secretaries. (cost RM350 million per annum).

f) Fisherman will be paid RM300 pm (Cost RM54.4 million)

g) Lots more money including BRIM would be given to all categories of people, increasing as elections approaches. Basically these are bribes, blatant bribes which are against the law.

18. Where will the billions given out come from. Government has a limited amount of money. Government may borrow but repayment cost money. Failure to repay may result in the country being declared bankrupt. Truly Najib is dragging the country to bankruptcy.

19. But now comes the ultimate blow. Prevent the opposition from offering an alternative to BN in the coming election. To do this all the Government has to do is to refuse or delay the registration of the Pakatan Harapan Coalition and to deregister Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, the party of choice of UMNO dissidents and UMNO supporters among the voters.

20. But Najib will still lose. The opposition can fall back on Plan B and Plan C.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

1. Ramai kita telah dengar berkenaan Amanat Hadi. Tetapi ramai yang tidak baca, lebih-lebih lagi menganalisa dan memahami isi kandungan amanat ini.

2. Saya telah siar amanat ini dalam blog saya. Tetapi ada baiknya saya perturunkan amanat ini sekali lagi:

Amanat Haji Hadi

“Saudara-saudara sekalian, percayalah. Kita menentang UMNO, bukan kerana nama dia UMNO. Kita menentang BN bukan kerana nama BN. Kita menentang dia kerana dia mengekalkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan peraturan kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahiliyah. Oleh kerana itulah kita menentang mereka, oleh kerana itulah kita berjuang melawan mereka. Percayalah saudara-saudara, perjuangan kita adalah jihad, ucapan kita adalah jihad, derma kita adalah jihad dan kerana kita berjuang dengan puak-puak ini, kalau kita mati kerana berlawan ini mati kita adalah mati syahid, mati kita adalah mati Islam. Kita tidak payah masuk Yahudi, kita tidak payah masuk Kristian, kita tidak payah masuk Hindu, kita tidak payah masuk Budha, tetapi kita menjadi kafir dengan mengatakan politik suku agama suku”.

3. Perkataan-perkataan Hadi dalam amanatnya jelas merupakan hasutan terhadap pengikut-pengikutnya supaya sanggup mati dalam perjuangan menentang pemerintahan UMNO, BN yang didakwa “kafir”.

4. Kerajaan berhak menangkap dan memasukkan dalam tahanan Hadi kerana unsur hasutan dalam amanatnya. Tetapi Hadi mempunyai ramai pengikut yang fanatik yang boleh cetuskan huru-hara dan rusuhan diseluruh negara.

5. Sebab itu Hadi tidak dimasuk ke dalam tahanan.

6. Tetapi antara pengikut fanatik Hadi ialah Ibrahim Mahmud (Ibrahim Libya). Terpengaruh dengan ajaran dan amanat Hadi, Ibrahim merancang untuk menjatuhkan Kerajaan dengan pemberontakan bersenjata. Ia bercadang mengadakan pasukan-pasukan bersenjata ini ditiap-tiap negeri di Malaysia. Bahawa rancangan ini tidak mungkin berjaya tidak dipedulikan.

7. Kerajaan sanggup bertindak terhadap Ibrahim kerana tindakan terhadapnya dipercayai tidak akan mengundang reaksi sebesar tindakan terhadap Hadi. Lagipun jika dibiar, gerakan Ibrahim mungkin menjadi besar dan sukar ditangani oleh pihak berkuasa.

8. Tetapi jangkaan Kerajaan meleset. Persiapan Ibrahim untuk melawan polis sudah sampai ke tahap penggunaan senjata, seperti parang, buluh tajam dan senapang patah.

9. Apabila polis bergerak ke arah rumah Ibrahim, mereka diserang hendap dan empat anggota polis dibunuh dan seorang lagi cedera. Akhirnya polis menyerang balas dan 13 pengikut Ibrahim dan Ibrahim terbunuh.

10. Rusuhan bersenjata oleh Ibrahim dan pengikutnya sehingga sanggup mati ini dipengaruhi oleh hasutan Hadi dan amanatnya. Perkara seperti ini tidak pernah dilakukan oleh orang Melayu selepas merdeka. Ini bukan cara orang-orang Melayu. Kita boleh faham dan terima tindakan seperti ini di zaman British. Di zaman merdeka polis dapat bendung kegunaan senjata dengan rundingan dan pujukan. Ini telah dilakukan beberapa kali dengan jayanya. Tetapi di Memali amat jelas sikap yang ditunjuk oleh Ibrahim dan pengikutnya dipengaruhi oleh kepercayaan mereka berjihad mengikut ajaran dan amanat Hadi. Mereka percaya kematian mereka adalah syahid.

11. Dengan itu PAS telah menanam yang mati tanpa dimandi dan dikapan.

12. Sesungguhnya amanat Hadi dan ajarannya adalah punca tragedi Memali. Hadi patut kesal kerana dialah yang menyebabkan rusuhan dan kematian polis dan orang awam di Memali.

13. Walaupun PAS telah kafirkan musuh politik mereka lebih awal lagi tetapi tidak ada desakan dan hasutan supaya mereka mengganas dan membunuh dalam usaha mereka untuk kemenangan politik. Hanya Hadi sahaja yang membawa fahaman bahawa pembunuhan musuh politik oleh pengikutnya adalah disuruh oleh agama Islam dan kematian pembunuh adalah syahid.

14. Suruhanjaya Diraja perlu ditubuh. Hadi perlu dihadapkan ke suruhanjaya untuk disoal akan peranannya dan peranan amanatnya. Jika ada orang yang perlu disiasat berkenaan dengan Memali, orangnya ialah Abdul Hadi Awang, pemimpin parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS).

15. Sekarang Hadi sanggup bekerjasama dengan UMNO dan Kerajaan pimpinan UMNO yang dahulu dikatakan kafir kerana mengekalkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan peraturan kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahiliah.

16. Di satu masa Hadi mendakwa UMNO kafir. Bekerjasama orang kafir menjadikan UMNO kafir.

17. Sekarang, sebelum menolak Amanatnya bahawa UMNO kafir, Hadi menjadi penyokong kuat UMNO, kerana tindakan PAS bertanding dalam PRU 14 akan mengurangkan undi bagi Pakatan Harapan dan memberi kemenangan kepada Najib. PAS sendiri akan kalah.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

SEORANG peguam kanan Mahkamah Agung Amerika Syarikat dilapor Utusan Malaysia berkata meskipun Jabatan Keadilan (DoJ) Amerika Syarikat (AS) telah memfailkan pelucut hak sivil ke atas aset yang didakwa mempunyai kaitan dengan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), tetapi tidak ada tindakan mahkamah diambil ke atas 1MDB di AS.

Juga dilapor yang terdapat sedikit sahaja aktiviti berkaitan dengan kes itu dan tiada siapa yang dinamakan sebagai sasaran jenayah. ??Laporan penuh boleh dibaca di sini.

Peguam Negara Amerika Syarikat Jefferson Sessions pula dalam ucapannya di Global Forum on Asset Recovery di Washington DC, menyifatkan siasatan ke atas 1MDB sebagai siasatan ke atas kes “kleptokrasi paling teruk”.

Katanya hampir separuh daripada kutipan hasil rasuah bernilai AS$ 3.5 bilion yang telah dirampas oleh kerajaan Amerika Syarikat datang dari saman sivil berkaitan 1MDB.

“Pegawai yang didakwa rasuah dan sekutu mereka dilaporkan menggunakan dana 1MDB untuk “perbelanjaan mewah” seperti AS$ 200 juta untuk hartanah di California Selatan dan New York, AS $ 130 juta dalam karya seni, AS$ 100 juta untuk muzik dan kapal layar AS$ 265 juta”.

“Secara keseluruhan, pegawai-pegawa 1MDB didakwa melakukan pengubahan wang haram lebih daripada AS $ 4.5 bilion menerusi urus niaga yang kabur dan kompleks dan syarikat cengkerang dengan akaun bank di pelbagai negara seperti Switzerland, Singapura, Luxembourg dan Amerika Syarikat,” katanya.

“Ini kleptokrasi paling teruk.”

“Hari ini, Jabatan Keadilan AS (DOJ) sedang berusaha untuk memberi keadilan kepada mangsa-mangsa skim yang dikatakan ini,” katanya.

“Itulah sebabnya kita semua mesti berbuat lebih banyak untuk mempercepat permintaan Bantuan Perundangan Bersama (MLA).

“Permintaan ini memastikan bahawa pendakwa mempunyai bukti bahawa mereka perlu membawa penjenayah ke muka pengadilan,”

Laporan penuh kenyataan tersebut boleh dibaca di sini, dan laporan berita lanjut di sini dan di sini

Sunday, November 26, 2017

1. The International War Tribunal in the Hague, Holland, has found Ratko Mladic, the butcher of Srebrenica, guilty of genocide. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

2. Many may not have heard of the massacre of eight thousand Bosnian Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica, Bosnia Herzegovina. These people were forced to dig their own graves before being shot or bludgeoned to death and thrown into the graves.

3. Ratko Mladic as commander of the Serb army ordered the killing and oversaw the horrible massacre. His intention was to wipe out the Muslims of Europe so that Europe would truly become Christendom. It was genocide that he intended to achieve.

4. There had been massacres in Europe in the past. But after the Second World War ended with victory of the Western democratic powers, there were no more pogroms against the Jews.

5. But the Serbs still harbour the idea that Europe is exclusively for Christians. It is not a place for Muslims. And so the genocidal massacre in Srebrenica.

6. The surviving relatives of the victim can only partially rejoice that justice has finally been done. But a life sentence cannot compensate for the fears and sufferings of the Bosnians as they were led to the killing field to be murdered in cold blood.

Friday, November 24, 2017

1. Kit Siang and I had a most interesting session with about 200 young Malaysians who wanted to hear answers to their questions. We on the other hand, wanted to know what is bugging them.

2. They asked very intelligent questions but were a little disappointing because they were mainly about past alleged misdeeds of the BN Governments. There was hardly any reference to the present and the future. The main focus was on Ops Lalang.

3. On corruption the assumption seems to be that any new Government would do all the things that Najib has done and is doing as long as the systems remain the same. There seems to be a belief that if the system is right then everything will be fine.

4. Merely changing the Government would not result in the Prime Minister lose his great power and his corruption.

5. The implication seems to be that voting in the election would not resolve the problems facing the country. This being so voting would be an exercise in futility.

6. In other words let the present Government continue, let Najib be the Prime Minister. It reflects the aphorism “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t ”.

7. Against this the opposition coalition’s efforts will come to naught especially with many young Malaysians. The coalition is prejudged as guilty before the fact.

8. It may seem strange that young Malaysians see no difference between the past and the present. But then our perception of things is based on what we see around us in our lifetime and not before we are born.

9. The old were born when Malaysia was a European colony or in the early years of independence. The young see Malaysia not only quite long after independence, but after the country has already developed much. The perceptions of the old and young are therefore different.

10. The perception of young Malaysians is that corruption in the Malaysian Independent Governments of the past is no different from the corruption of Najib’s Government of today. Change that brings back the Government of the past therefore represent no change at all.

11. The old on the other hand see the difference between the old and the new. They see that in the past no one categorised Malaysia as among the ten most corrupt countries in the world as it is now. No one called Malaysia a kleptocracy. No one was worried about national debt reaching one trillion Ringgit. No one talked of the abuses of power and the stealing of billions of Ringgit by the Prime Minister of the country. There was no 1MDB scandal and no 2.6 billion Ringgit in the PM’s account.

12. Instead they saw Malaysia was among the tigers of Asia, the best developed of the developing countries emerging after freedom from colonial rule, the model for the developing world and many other accolades.

13. The old see these; see the differences between then and now. The old yearn for what by comparison were the good years of the past.

14. For the young the years of the past were nothing to be proud about. Of course the country must develop. Of course life would be good. These were normal. Every country must be so.

15. But there was corruption. There was the ISA. There were detentions without trial. There were censorship and restrictions on press freedom.

16. All these would remain even if a new Government is in place. Even if promises are made that these will be amended or abolished, what guarantee is there that these will be done. The systems would still be there. And there is no guarantee a new Prime Minister with a new Government will not steal money, corrupt the people and abuse his power.

17. This difference in the perceptions of old and young need to be recognised and appreciated if the aspiring challengers against Najib wish to mobilise youths to help in the attempt to overthrow Najib and his kleptocratic Government.

18. The future belongs to these young Malaysians. Their refusal to help change the Government will be very detrimental to them.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

1. Pakatan Harapan (PH) tahu awal-awal lagi jika permintaan dibuat untuk berjumpa dengan Menteri Dalam Negeri, maka permintaan itu tidak akan dijawab, sama seperti surat dari PH untuk mengetahui apa sudah jadi kepada permohonan kelulusan bagi perlembagaan PH dan logo/simbolnya.

2. Ini adalah strategi Kerajaan Najib apabila berhadapan dengan tuntutan hak parti lawan yang ditakuti olehnya, jangan tolak dan jangan lulus. Diam sahaja.

3. Tidak menjawab boleh ditafsir dengan bermacam tafsiran yang tidak mendedahkan Najib kepada dakwaan menyalahguna kuasa dengan tidak melulus.

4. Tidak menjawab mungkin disebabkan tidak menerima, atau terima tetapi tidak menolak, atau tidak dapat memutus untuk menolak atau melulus kerana sebab-sebab tertentu, atau sedang dipertimbang.

5. Jika PH seperti biasa menghantar surat bertanya tentang kedudukan permohonan, sekali lagi jangan jawab.

6. Dengan cara ini berbulan-bulan berlalu tanpa PH mengetahui lulus atau tidak perlembagaannya dan simbol. Persiapan untuk PRU tidak boleh dibuat oleh PH. Persiapan mengambil masa yang panjang, sekurang-kurangnya tiga bulan. Selain dari membuat sepanduk dan bendera dengan logo/simbol yang diluluskan, penentuan kerusi dan calon juga mengambil masa. Simbol yang diguna di kertas undi amat penting. Pengundi perlu kenal simbol ini semasa mengundi. Jika tidak dikenali sekian lama sukar bagi pengundi mengundi PH. Mungkin simbol lain yang akan dipangkah.

7. Oleh itu melambatkan kelulusan perlembagaan PH dan simbolnya adalah cara menyalahguna kuasa Kerajaan untuk BN memenangi Pilihan Raya.

8. Selepas lima bulan berlalu tanpa jawapan dari Kerajaan, PH membuat keputusan untuk jumpa Menteri Dalam Negeri. Jika permohonan dibuat untuk maksud ini sudah tentu jawapan tidak akan diberi. Berbulan lagi akan berlalu dan semakin dekatlah Pilihan Raya, semakin pendeklah masa untuk PH membuat persiapan.

9. Oleh itu PH memutus untuk tidak meminta atau memberitahu tarikh rombongan PH akan berjumpa Menteri. Kesempatan untuk Menteri menghilang diri tidak dapat dilakukan.

10. Tetapi Kementerian dapat maklumat tentang perancangan PH. Maka hilanglah Menteri.

11. Inilah yang berlaku pada Isnin, 20 November.

12. Sekarang diketahui bahawa ada masalah dengan DAP dan PPBM. Tetapi maklumat diberi secara lisan. Tidak ada surat rasmi. Tanpa jawapan rasmi pembetulan tidak dapat dibuat. Maka terpaksa tunggu lagi.

13. Masa berlalu. Pilihan raya semakin dekat. Tanpa kelulusan rasmi persiapan tidak dapat dibuat. Tunggulah. Kerajaan tidak tolak. Tidak bermakna Kerajaan tidak lulus. Hanya tidak jawab.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

1. Najib takut kalah.

2. Untuk elak dari kalah Najib sanggup buat apa saja. Bahawa perbuatannya boleh ditakrif sebagai penipuan, haram, bertentangan dengan undang-undang, tidak bermoral, memalukan, melawan arus dan adat tidak mengapa. Jika dianya dipandang hina, pedulikan. Rasuah, sogokan dilakukan secara terbuka tanpa segan silu. Jabatan Kerajaan diperalatkan secara salah. Pembangkang ditekan, disoal, ditahan, di penjara oleh polis, didakwa di mahkamah.

3. Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri tuntut cukai tanpa asas, senarai hitam peniaga dan perniagaan, tahan pasport, beku wang dalam bank.

4. MACC tuduh kononnya penyokong pembangkang terlibat dengan pembersihan wang haram, diugut untuk ditangkap dan dihadap ke mahkamah. Wang didalam bank dibekukan. Tak dapat berniaga, tak dapat teruskan projek. Rugi. Perbuatan MACC jelas berunsur politik kerana tindakan yang sama tidak diambil terhadap jenayah oleh anggota parti BN dan UMNO.

5. Pemimpin parti lawan dituduh seleweng duit Kerajaan, disoal berjam-jam, dimasuk lokap, dipakai baju lokap, didedah kepada orang ramai, diambil gambar untuk disiar dalam akhbar dan T.V.

6. Tetapi parti lawan tidak akan terganggu meneruskan kempen mereka. Najib dikenali sebagai perompak, penyamun, kleptokrat. Perbuatan kami diasaskan kepada perkara-perkara yang diketahui umum memang berlaku.

7. Takut kepada parti-parti lawan yang telah bergabung Najib cuba halang gabungan dari dilakukan.

8. Dengan itu kelulusan untuk daftaran gabungan tidak diberi setelah berbulan permohonan dibuat.

9. Caranya mudah. Tidak lulus secara rasmi. Tidak tolak secara rasmi. Tetapi tidak beri jawapan samada lulus atau tidak. Hanya tidak jawab. Dalam pertimbangan. Belum lulus tidak berbeza dari tidak lulus.

10. ROS tidak jawab surat. Tunggu Menteri. Menteri hilang. Ada tetapi tidak ada. Jadi tidak dapat jawab.

11. Sebulan, dua bulan, suku tahun, setengah tahun. Tak jawab. Bukan tolak. Hanya tak jawab.

12. Mungkin dilulus 5 minit sebelum bubar Parlimen.

13. Maka bermasalahlah Gabungan Parti Lawan. Logo dan simbol tidak dikenali oleh orang ramai, oleh pengundi. Maka terkelirulah mereka bila mengundi.

14. Kempen parti lawan bermasalah. Tak dapat adakan sepanduk, tak dapat adakan bendera, tak dapat pamer slogan, perkenal calon dan bermacam lagi.

15 .Harapan Najib pengundi tak dapat undi gabungan parti lawan.

16. Harapan Najib BN tak kalah.

17. Tetapi BN tetap kalah.

18. Rakyat bukan bodoh. Mereka tahu akan segala-galanya. Mereka tahu Najib seleweng duit 1MDB berbillion. Mereka tahu 2.6 billion masuk akaun Najib dalam AmBank.

19. Mereka tahu duit Felda, duit KWSP, duit KWAP, duit Tabung Haji telah hilang.

20. Mereka tahu tanah Kerajaan disamun beli, dijual, mereka tahu peranan Rosmah, Jho Low, Riza Aziz menghilangkan duit berbillion.

21. Mereka sedar nama Malaysia sudah jadi kotor kerana Najib. Apakah mereka ingin kotorkan lagi negara tercinta ini.

22. Mereka tahu semua. Awak boleh sogok tetapi sogokan tidak lagi berkesan.

23. Mereka mahu Kerajaan baru. Dan ini mereka akan dapat dengan mengalahkan BN, UMNO dan Najib.

24. Buatlah apa pun. Majoriti rakyat sudah pun putuskan. Najib akan disingkir.

25. Derita mereka hanya dapat ditamatkan dengan memilih Pakatan Harapan.

26. Najib! Kamu patut takut. Dosa kamu akan membawa kekalahan di dunia.

27. Itulah nasib yang menunggu kamu.

28. Ya. Kamu patut takut. Bagi yang membuat dosa ada balasan lagi di akhirat.

Friday, November 10, 2017

JABATAN Perdana Menteri pada 9hb Oktober telah mengeluarkan kenyataan berkenaan kemudahan yang diberi kepada Dr Mahathir sebagai mantan Perdana Menteri.

Fakta sebenar berkenaan layanan terhadap Dr Mahathir adalah seperti berikut.

1. Dahulu disewa ruang pejabat di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana untuk beliau. Sewa ditamat dan disuruh guna pejabat Kerajaan yang tidak sesuai.

2. Akta Parlimen menyebut akan kelayakan mengguna pesawat terbang Kerajaan. Sekarang tidak dibenar. Sebaliknya sesiapa yang cuba memberi pinjam pesawat persendirian dilapor kepada Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

3. Secara tidak langsung tidak dibenar menggunakan rumah penginapan Kerajaan Persekutuan di London.

4. Dua pengiring motorsikal, 4 pengiring UTK yang dibekal delepas semburan pemedih mata, telah ditarik balik walaupun mantan Perdana Menteri lain masih dibekal.

5. Beberapa kakitangan pejabat dan tukang masak ditarik balik dan diganti dengan yang lain.

6. Dr Mahathir letak jawatan di Proton, Petronas (dilucut sebagai penasihat) dan juga sebagai Canselor Universiti Teknologi Petronas. Tetapi Universiti swasta dinasihat untuk tamatkan Dr Mahathir sebagai Canselor.

7. Perbuatan seperti ini tidak pernah dilakukan kepada bekas Perdana Menteri Tunku Abdul Rahman dan Tun Hussein Onn walaupun mereka tidak sokong Kerajaan-kerajaan pada masa itu.

8. Kegunaan dewan-dewan untuk Kerajaan Pusat, Negeri diperintah Barisan Nasional dan bandaraya tidak dibenar. Dewan swasta diberi amaran akan menerima padah jika disewa kepada sesiapa yang menjemput Dr Mahathir.

9. Prinsip negara demokratik ialah parti pemerintah tidak boleh guna kemudahan Kerajaan untuk kepentingan parti.

Monday, November 6, 2017


1. Dibawah dasar ekonomi Najib, ramailah orang Melayu yang sudah menjadi kaya. Separuh menjadi kaya dengan mudah. Apa yang diperlukan hanyalah memberi sokongan tidak berbelah bahagi kepada Raja Wang Tunai.

2. Jangan tanya dari mana wang itu datang. Jangan soal. Terima sahaja. Halalkannya dengan ibadah tertentu.

3. Jika dihadiah jawatan, guna jawatan untuk sauk duit yang ditangani. Jangan takut. Jika SPRM terjumpa, tindakan tidak akan diambil atau mengambil masa yang amat panjang.

4. Jika memegang jawatan yang tinggi dalam pemerintahan, peluang banyak akan terdapat untuk seleweng. Jika tidak ada tempat untuk simpan ratusan juta, bawah katil, bawah T.V. pun boleh. Untuk lebih selamat kongsi bersama pihak yang berjawatan tinggi dan berkuasa.

5. Jika berpeluang bawa wang tunai itu ke Hong Kong atau Australia. Jika dikesan dan kena tangkap tak mengapa. Kata tak faham bahasa Inggeris.

6. Jangan takut SPRM tak akan siasat. Kalau ada berbillion dalam akaun, okay. Ada A.G. Boleh sembunyi fakta, laporan, bukti.

7. Sekarang datang satu cara baru. Orang asing nak beli tanah di Malaysia. Pinjamkan nama sebagai Presiden, CEO, pengurus untuk tubuh syarikat Bumi Sdn. Bhd. Beli tanah. Harga tak penting. Beli, beli, beli.

8. Yang mudah sekali tanah orang Melayu. Tak mahu jual, naik harga. Naik harga, naik harga sehingga jual. Tanah milik bukan Melayu pun boleh beli jika kena harga.

9. Pemilik syarikat akan hadiah bermillion Ringgit kepada tuan punya nama pinjaman untuk syarikat yang didaftar sebagai syarikat tempatan milik bumi. Orang asing yang pinjam nama orang bumi amat kaya. Mereka memiliki berbillion Ringgit. Banyaklah tanah akan dimiliki oleh mereka melalui proksi Melayu.

10. Melayu ini akan kaya. Mereka akan naikkan pendapatan sekepala Melayu. Fikirkan jika seorang dari 1000 orang Melayu menjadi jutawan, pendapat purata tiap seorang dari 999 yang tidak berpendapatan akan berjumlah RM1000.

11. Inilah cara Melayu boleh jadi kaya dan pendapatan per kapita mereka meningkat.

12. Kemudian apabila dihitung, Melayu tak ada tanah lagi. Warga Malaysia lain pun sudah tidak ada tanah lagi. Bersama dengan TRX, Sg Besi, Melaka, Kuantan, Johor, Langkawi, Kedah, tanah yang berharga sudah tidak lagi milik rakyat. Ia sudah jadi sebahagian dari negara lain.

13. Tetapi okay. Melayu dan lain-lain warganegara sudah kaya. Sekurang-kurangnya sebahagian dari hutang 1 billion sudah dibayar. Bandar-bandar moden, canggih dan mewah terdiri di seluruh negara. Dan orang Malaysia, terutama orang Melayu dapat melihat dengan bangganya betapa Malaysia sudah jadi negara maju, penuh dengan pencakar langit. Mereka sendiri tinggal dalam pondok papan berbumbung zink di kawasan setinggan.

14. Kekayaan hasil dari pinjaman nama rupa-rupanya tidak kekal. Dan kembalilah orang Melayu ke pinggir hutan, jauh dari pencakar langit yang memenuhi tanah Melayu dahulu.

15. Ingat, kita jual Singapura. Masih kita punyakah? Tanah di Malaysia yang kita jual kepada orang asing, masih kita punyakah?

16. Bukan sahaja sudah bukan kita punya, undang-undang negara kita, duit negara kita juga tidak diguna. Masih kita punya kah?

17. Apabila kita sudah jual semua tanah kita, apakah Malaysia masih kita punya?

18. Sokonglah Najib, penyangak, perompak dan lanun Melayu.

Friday, November 3, 2017

IN an article published by Malaysiakini here on 30th Oct, 2017 titled “Najib launches into lengthy broadside against Dr M at dinner event” the PM made remarks which most believe is directed at me. I am reproducing Malaysiakini’s article below and my responses in bold. Malaysiakini reports Najib’s lengthiest broadsides against me though not by name.

He did this in a keynote address, titled “Governance in a Developing Democracy”, at a dinner organised by the United Nations Association Malaysia (UNAM) in Kuala Lumpur. The Prime Minister in his speech lamented what he termed to be the “epidemic of fake news”.

Dr M: What fake news! If they are fake prove that the Dept of Justice, America’s report about purchases of residence in UK and US, Wolf of Wall Street film, purchases of paintings, pink diamonds did not happen, that USD 3.5 billion of Riza’s money came from his family, that 1MDB money did not pass through Singapore banks as reported by officials, that USD 681 million was not in his account at AmBank, that Jho Low is not the recipient of 1MDB money.” Don’t just deny. Don’t ignore. Give prove. All money transactions are documented. Show us the documents on all the transaction involving 1MDB money. Sue the Dept. of Justice of America, the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Let Jho Low answer questions by American authorities.

Najib said: “From time to time, some Western media outlets have been featuring interviews with one of our former leaders and presenting his allegations about the country as facts.
“They are not. This former leader has been on a nearly three-year mission to illegitimately topple the democratically elected government of Malaysia in between election cycles.”

Dr M: What is illegitimate about toppling a democratically elected Government? It happens in Brazil, in South Korea and in many democratic countries in the past, between elections. The evidences against the overthrown leaders were not even clear. Already they were overthrown. Here the evidence is overwhelming – but hidden by the Attorney General. If the A.G. charges him in court, he would be overthrown today.

This former leader, Najib added, has tried “every method at his disposal and failed each time”.

Dr M: The attempts failed because there is no rule of law in Malaysia. Reports against Najib result in arrest and jailing of the man reporting. Reports by institutions are made official secrets. Judgement is passed by the A.G., not a court of law. Have a proper hearing and I will accept the verdict. If guilty step down.

As a result, Najib said, the leader was making himself available to any media organisation that was willing to listen so that he could “spread fake news and tell lies about his country for selfish political gains”.

Dr M: The print and electronic media in Malaysia is controlled by Government. Even Parliament cannot discuss 1MDB and the 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib’s account. UMNO General Assembly was instructed to be silent on these. Am I supposed to censor myself when asked by foreigners. I have been talking to foreigners throughout my life. Prove that what I say is fake. Let’s have “Nothing to hide 3”.

Najib said: “He seems to think that if he tells a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it is true. And unfortunately, that may be the case as no one would expect a former leader to tell outright untruths.”

For instance, Najib cited the former leader’s oft-repeated claim that Malaysia was among the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world.
“When challenged to produce evidence for this, he is unable to do so. That is because it is nonsense.”

Dr M: It is the foreign media which repeatedly and extensively published Malaysia as among the 10 most corrupt country here , here , here , here and here to name a few. During by-elections money was openly paid to voters, kitchen appliances were given. The 2018 budget is offering money to people prior to an election. I don’t have to repeat my accusations. The people are already repeating them and telling me.

Citing Transparency International’s latest ranking, Najib pointed out how Malaysia was listed among the top third least corrupt countries, at 55th place out of 176.

Dr M: What about Transparency International (TI) Chief, Jose Ugaz’s speech on 2nd Sept. 2015 at the opening of the 16th IACC in Malaysia. Among other things Ugaz said;

“….What does that mean for Malaysia? The government has taken measures and initiatives to tackle corruption. We will surely hear that from the minister. We want to see more progress but that cannot happen while there are unanswered questions about the $700m that made its way into the Prime Minister’s personal bank account. In recent weeks we have seen the Attorney-General who was critical of the government suddenly replaced, the 1MDB taskforce suspended, investigators at the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested or transferred, and newspapers suspended for reporting on the matter. These are not the actions of a government that is fighting corruption. We may well hear promises of reform. That is not what is needed at this time. And promises alone will not restore confidence and trust. There are two questions that need to be answered: Who paid the money and why? Where did it go? One man could answer those questions. If that does not happen then only a fully independent investigation, free from political interference, can uncover the truth.
Until that happens, no claim from the government on anti-corruption will be credible.

You can read the whole speech here or watch the video clip at the end of this posting

On the former leader’s claim that the country was going bankrupt, Najib refuted this by quoting the World Bank, which stated that the “Malaysian economy is progressing from a position of strength”.

Dr M: The Malaysian Government total debt is almost one trillion Ringgit. Show how you are going to pay this. Let independent auditors audit KWSP, Tabung Haji, KWAP, FGV and PNB.

Najib said: “Another, which is laughable, is that Malaysia is in danger of sliding into dictatorship.”

Dr M: There already is a dictatorship in Malaysia now. There is no rule of law. A.G. prevents Najib’s case from going to court. Opposition figures are hounded and detained. Possible supporters of opposition are accused by MACC of corruption and money laundering without proof.

Ignoring the 2.6 billion in Najib’s account, the MACC is instead accusing, detaining and questioning a former minister on unfounded suspicion of corruption.

Najib insisted that elections are fiercely fought in the country, while the opposition has significant representation in Parliament and also controls three states.

Dr M: Elections were free before. Now there is a lot of cheating especially postal votes. In Pekan, Najib’s margin of 250 in 1999 increased to 25,000 in 2004 while the electorate increased from 35,000 to 80,000. There is no way for these increases to happen .Obviously the additional voters were created out of nothing. Financing of the opposition is actively blocked by Najib. All banks, even private one are closed to the opposition.

Najib said: “We have allowed demonstrations against the government in Kuala Lumpur. These are not the markers of a dictatorship. The claim is ridiculous. The irony is that this former leader has admitted that he himself was a dictator when in office. And this is his words, not mine,” said Najib to laughter from the audience.”

Dr M: If I can call myself a dictator, Najib should call himself a tyrant. I respected the law and I resigned of my own free will. Let’s see Najib do the same. Najib abuses the law with the help of the IGP and A.G. Or he should consider calling himself a crook. After all he had attained that acclaim in the Newsweek report during his Trump visit.

Despite all these, Najib noted that many things have changed since the former leader’s time.
“We have made it clear that there will be no more crony capitalism. We have invested in the infrastructure and public transport Malaysia needs and in opposition states as well as BN states, unlike his time.”

Dr M: I had no Jho Low or Riza Aziz

Apart from his veiled attack against Mahathir, Najib in his speech outlined initiatives he had undertaken, which he claimed, were essential to good governance in the country.
“Firstly, the concept of 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now, secondly, the Government Transformation Programme and thirdly, the Economic Transformation Programme.”

Dr M: This concept is great. People are the first to bail out Government through G.S.T. The only performance we see is the corruption of senior Government servants, hospitals without medicine, low-cost housing not built, additional taxes based on nothing, and raids to oppress people and deter them from supporting the opposition. Registration of the opposition coalition has not been given. 1 Malaysia is about BN first. The only transformation is the new security laws being tightened and more power to the PM to detain people.

He also cited his brainchild – National Transformation 2050 (TN50) – which he said was launched to further strengthen the country.

Dr M: TN50 is launched. By 2050 the debt will bankrupt the country. The 1 trillion national debt will increase to 3 trillion. The Ringgit will depreciate further.

The government’s bottom-up approach in TN50, he said, was a clear example of the government practising good governance in response to the changing needs of a young population.

Dr M: Bottom up means the people must pay GST, endure high cost of living, no scholarship for their children while Najib enjoy the billions stolen from 1MDB, KWAP, KWSP etc.

“The economic performance I have outlined and the acclaim we have received from international organisations should be conclusive proof of the good governance this government has practised in Malaysia,” Najib said.

Dr M: What acclaim! Is being called a kleptocratic country an acclaim?

Below is Transparency International (TI) Chief, Jose Ugaz’s speech on 2nd Sept. 2015 at the opening of the 16th IACC in Malaysia

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Tun M diserbu rakyat tadi di Suria KLCC

Posted by Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad on Sunday, March 13, 2016