Saturday, July 22, 2017

1. It has become the habit of the Najib Government to get the administrators to support and to implement everything that Najib instructs them to do and ask no question.

2. Of course for the government to function it is necessary that the executive branch executes the directives or decisions of the government in a democracy.

3. But a democracy also divides the powers necessary for governance between the legislature (Parliament), the executive (the permanent administration) and the judiciary.

4. This division of powers is essential in order to check on the excesses of any branch. Obedience to the directives of the legislator does not extend to implementing clearly illegal acts.

5. Should the directives go beyond the provision of the law and should the executives implement the directives then the judiciary may intervene so as to stop the implementation. The executive branch is clearly within its rights to refuse execution if the directive is against the law in any way.

6. The appointments of top executives are made by the YDP Agong on the advice of the Prime Minister or an accredited member of the cabinet. It is very possible for the PM or Minister to give wrong advice. This instills fear among top executives for their position. For the weak among them the wisest thing to do is to obey the PM whether the directive is proper or not.

7. And so we are seeing top officers complying even with improper instructions to avoid the displeasure of the Prime Minister. Effectively this means the power of the head of the legislative overrides the power of the executive.

8. But there is still the judiciary, including the Attorney-General. For the public to have faith in the judiciary if must be seen to be impartial and free from the power of the top legislators, the PM.

9. The appointments to the judiciary are governed by the constitution, rules and procedures, so that there would be no suspicions that the appointments are influenced by the political heads of the government.

10. If these laws, rules and procedures are adhered to, the trust in the judiciary by the public is ensured. But when there is deviation or interference by the political head of Government which results in the laws, rules and procedures being ignored, then the credibility of the judiciary is lost.

11. It must be remembered that the judiciary provides the final resort. More than the executives, the impartiality of the judiciary is essential.

12. We have seen how Najib managed to get rid of a former A.G. just when he is believed to be about to take action over the reported corruption by the Prime Minister.

13. The excuse given was ill health. The procedure for termination of a senior government officer due to ill health is to convene a medical board. The board will do a proper medical examination of the officer to certify the state of his health. If the board issues a certificate confirming the officer is unable to work, then only can the PM submit the certificate to the YDP Agong to get his Majesty’s consent to terminate the service of the officer concerned.

14. There is no evidence that a medical board was convened in the case of the removal of the precious A.G. It became obvious that he had fallen out of favour with the PM.

15. His removal was immediate, with police preventing him from entering his office even. Subsequently the A.G. declared that he was not ill and apparently did not request to be retired.

16. A new A.G. was appointed who seem to be tasked with declaring that Najib has done no wrong. He actually ordered investigation on 1MDB to be stopped. It is not his right to stop investigation. He also declared reports by three major Government institutions to be official secrets even though the PM himself had said the Auditor-General would investigate to convince the people he had done no wrong. Normally the Auditor-General’s report is open to public scrutiny. If indeed the report shows no evidence of wrongdoings by Najib, why is there a necessity to make it an official secret.

17. This act by Najib in dismissing the previous A.G. and appointing a new AG had undermined public confidence in the impartiality of the judicial system.

18. And now we have the unusual extension of the services of judges beyond their retirement age. It is totally against the provisions of the constitution, the rules and the procedures for the tenure of judges. Indeed it is something that had never been done before. It is exceptional and unusual especially for judges.

19. It is not as if there are no other candidates. It has all the earmarks of favouritism; of special favour by the government.

20. When a judge is specially favoured then he cannot be accepted as unbiased. And when the PM himself is faced with a number of cases before the courts his clear role in the extension of the term of service of the judges cannot but be regarded as interference in due process in his favour.

21. The loss of confidence will affect the whole judiciary of Malaysia, which has already earned the title of being one of the most corrupt country, of being a kleptocracy, will now be tainted further for having a judiciary controlled by the PM.

22. It is not too late to rescind the order for the extension of these two judges. Do that and the independence and impartiality of the judiciary will be restored. Fail to do so will mean to the condemnation of Malaysia as a kleptocracy, a corrupt country, will be added the failure of the judiciary.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

1. Ya, A.G. (Pendakwa Raya) tidak perlu takut kepada saya. Ia perlu takut kepada Allah S.W.T.

2. Tetapi yang jelas ia tidak takut kepada Allah. Jika benar tidak ada apa-apa kesalahan yang telah dilakukan oleh Najib, apa sebabnya laporan-laporan oleh Bank Negara, MACC dan Auditor General disembunyi dari orang ramai. Menyembunyi laporan dari orang ramai tentulah kerana kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Apandi tidak benar. Ini bermakna Apandi membohong dan Allah S.W.T tahu Apandi bohong. Tuhan tahu Apandi cuba lindungi Najib daripada dihadapkan ke mahkamah setelah melakukan jenayah. Ini adalah suatu penipuan dan pemecahan amanah oleh seorang Pendakwa Raya. Perbuatan pecah amanah berdosa.

3. Tetapi Apandi tidak takut buat dosa; iaitu tidak takut Allah S.W.T. Pengakuan bahawa ianya hanya takut kepada Allah Ta’ala tidak benar. Ini juga berdosa.

4. Apandi membuat banyak dosa dalam kes ini; dosa kerana membohong, dosa kerana melindungi perlakuan jenayah oleh Najib, dosa kerana menyatakan hanya takut kepada Allah sedangkan perbuatan, kenyataan dan pembohongannya menunjuk yang ia tidak takut buat dosa, tidak takut Allah.

5. Tetapi Apandi boleh bersihkan dirinya dengan mengambil wuduk, menjunjung Al-Quran dan bersumpah dalam masjid bahawa tidak ada apa-apa dalam laporan-laporan yang diterima olehnya dari Bank Negara, MACC dan Auditor General yang menyatakan Najib bersalah berkenaan wang sebanyak RM2.6 billion Ringgit dalam akaun banknya datang dari 1MDB dan penyerahan balik 2.3 billion kepada seorang Arab Saudi adalah tidak benar.

6. Semasa bersumpah Apandi perlu disertai dengan beberapa imam masjid dan saksi lain supaya sumpahnya dan pengakuan niatnya tidak berbeza antara mulut yang menyebut dan hatinya.

7. Dan dianya mengaku bahawa akan berdosalah ia jika sumpah yang dilafaz itu adalah pembohongan kepada makhluk dan dia akan terima balasan di akhirat dalam api neraka.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

1. I did a u-turn long before my agreement to support Anwar’s royal pardon and candidature as PM. I did it when Najib did a U-turn with UMNO.

2. The UMNO which was set up in 1946 was dedicated to independence under a Parliamentary Democracy and a constitutional Monarchy.

3. When Najib abused the powers of the Prime Minister and based his regime on Cash is King, and the Constitution can go to hell; when Najib lost huge amounts of money and RM2.6 billion of it appeared in his private account; when the rule of law is abused and replaced with open corruption of the nation; when all these happened and more, I lost my belief in Najib’s UMNO and I turned away from it, and I set myself on a course to destroy this leader who works against the Malays, against Islam, against Malaysia – the fundamentals of UMNO’s struggle.

4. In the effort to destroy the demon, I found common ground with the parties opposed to UMNO and BN. I found common ground with Anwar Ibrahim. I found that Anwar and me can work together after I had made my U-turn.

5. We, together with many others will spare no effort to overthrow Najib and his decadent, corrupt kleptocratic Government.

6. Thieves should not rule this great nation. Thieves who are condemned by the whole world and are laughed by all and sundry should not be allowed to go on running any country.

7. That is the objective of my collaborating with Anwar. No further u-turn is needed. It had already been made.

8. I do not fear Anwar with regard to the RCI. But I do believe that the whole exercise to investigate the currency trading by Bank Negara is in order to implicate me.

9. On the other hand no RCI is being set up to investigate the proven losses of tons of money by 1MDB and Najib despite the enormous evidence of wrongdoings which are available to the world and the Malaysian public.

10. The RCI on currency trading by Bank Negara more than thirty years ago is not about seeking justice but is clearly a desperate effort by Najib to silence his detractors. It will not work.


1. Saya dah buat U-turn (pusingan U) Iama sebelum perjanjian menyokong pengampunan di-raja untuk Anwar dan pencalonannya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Saya U-turn apabila Najib sendiri U-turn terhadap UMNO.

2. UMNO yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 1946 menumpu kepada kemerdekaan negara di bawah sistem Demokrasi berparlimen dan Raja berperlembagaan.

3. Apabila Najib menyalah guna kuasa Pedana Menteri dan melandaskan rejimnya kepada Cash is King atau Wang sebagai Raja, maka terkuburlah perlembagaan; apabila Najib melesapkan sebegitu banyak wang dan RM2.6billion masuk ke dalam akaun peribadinya; apabila peraturan undang-undang disalah guna dan digantikan dengan rasuah secara terbuka dalam negara; apabila kesemua ini terjadi dan lebih lagi, saya hilang kepercayaan dan berpaling daripada UMNO pimpinan Najib dan saya tumpukan usaha untuk menurunkan pemimpin ini yang jelas bekerja bertentangan dengan kepentingan Melayu, Islam dan Malaysia – asas kepada perjuangan UMNO.

4. Di dalam usaha untuk menghancurkan jembalang ini, saya dapati ada persamaan dengan parti-parti pembangkang yang menentang UMNO dan BN. Terdapat juga persamaan dengan Anwar Ibrahim. Saya dan Anwar boleh bekerjasama setelah saya U-turn.

5. Kami, bersama dengan yang lain-lain akan berusaha keras menjatuhkan Najib dan kerajaannya yang mundur, korup dan kleptokratik.

6. Perompak tidak boleh pimpin negara yang hebat ini. Pencuri yang dicaci dunia dan ditertawakan semua tidak boleh dibenarkan berterusan memerintah mana-mana negara.

7. Itu objektif saya berkerjasama dengan Anwar. Tidak perlu U-turn lagi. Ianya telah pun berlaku.

8. Saya tidak takut pada Anwar berhubung dengan RCI (Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja). Tetapi saya percaya usaha menyiasat urusniaga matawang asing oleh Bank Negara ialah untuk mencari kesalahan saya.

9. Sebaliknya tiada RCI ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat kehilangan bertan duit yang telah pun terbukti oleh 1MDB dan Najib walaupun terdapat banyak bukti salahlaku yang jelas dan boleh didapati oleh sesiapa sahaja di dunia dan rakyat Malaysia.

10. RCI ke atas urusniaga matawang Bank Negara lebih 30 tahun dahulu bukan untuk mencari keadilan tetapi jelas satu usaha terdesak Najib untuk menutup mulut pengkritiknya. Ia tidak akan berjaya.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


1. Saya bangga kerana ada orang yang menyatakan saya boleh arah Department of Justice Amerika Syarikat membuat sesuatu. Jika saya dapat arah sebuah agensi Kerajaan Amerika Syarikat, lama sudah sipolan-sipolan ditangkap dan dituduh mencuri berbilion dolar Amerika. Dah lama sudah hukuman yang setimpal dikenakan kepada sipolan itu.

2. Malangnya saya sebagai bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang tidak ada gigi tidak mempunyai apa-apa pengaruh, jauh sekali berkuasa mengarah mana-mana agensi Kerajaan Amerika Syarikat, bahkan agensi Kerajaan Malaysia pun.

3. Apa yang dilakukan oleh Department of Justice Amerika Syarikat ialah bertindak ke atas mereka yang terlibat dengan pembersihan wang haram di Negara Amerika, bukan di Malaysia. Undang-undang berkenaan jenayah “money-laundering” di Amerika Syarikat amat ketat, tidak seperti di Malaysia, di mana Kerajaan berpuas hati jika 2.6 billion Ringgit yang ada dalam akaun pribadi Perdana Menteri dikatakan derma orang Arab. Pengakuan pihak yang disoal bahawa ia tidak melakukan apa-apa kesalahan memadai untuk menghalalkan pemilikan wang yang begitu banyak.

4. Tuduhan yang dibuat oleh DoJ tepat dan terperinci termasuk berlian berwarna merah jambu yang diberi oleh Jho Low kepada isteri Malaysian Official 1 (Perdana Menteri mengikut pengakuan Pengarah Komunikasi Strategik BN, yang juga Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Abdul Rahman Dahlan), iaitu Rosmah Mansor.

5. Jho Low dan Riza Aziz sepatutnya pergi ke Amerika Syarikat untuk melawan tuduhan mencuri duit 1MDB. Tetapi mereka tidak berani. Pepatah Melayu berkata, “berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.” Mereka bersembunyi di China dan Malaysia. Sekaligus ia menjadi pengakuan bahawa segala tuduhan DoJ adalah benar.

6. Seorang wanita cantik Australia, (Miranda Kerr) dan pelakon Leonardo DiCaprio sudah kembalikan hadiah yang diberi kepada mereka oleh Jho Low. Bila lagi Rosmah dan penerima-penerima rasuah di Malaysia akan kembalikan duit haram yang dicuri dari 1MDB, kepada rakyat Malaysia. Tetapi mereka muka tebal, tak tahu malu. Bila dituduh mencuri, mereka semua, Najib dan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO, hanya senyum.

7. Oleh itu tuduhlah saya, seorang yang tidak berkuasa, telah arah kuasa besar Amerika Syarikat membuat laporan palsu terhadap Najib, sahabat Obama dan rakan golfnya, Trump.

8. Hanya yang bangang sahaja yang akan percaya. Berkesan sungguh dedak yang di masuk ke dalam telinga, mata dan mulut oleh Najib, raja wang tunai.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

1. Saya berada di London untuk beraya bersama anak dan cucu. Mereka tidak dapat balik untuk beraya di K.L.

2. Untuk sembahyang Raya, saya ke masjid baru di Acton. Masjid ini bukan milik kerajaan tetapi oleh NGO. Keadaan amat selesa. Dewan sembahyang dipenuhi 90% oleh orang Melayu Malaysia, kebanyakannya penuntut.

3. Imam yang mengimamkan sembahyang dan berkhutbah adalah seorang orang Melayu Singapura yang tinggal di London sejak tujuh tahun dahulu. Khutbahnya amat baik, menyeru kepada kehidupan orang Islam seperti yang dikehendaki agama Islam – iaitu berbaik-baik sesama orang Islam dan juga dengan bukan Islam.

4. Lepas sembahyang ada sedikit jamuan kuih-muih, lemang dan serunding. Saya dan isteri berkesempatan berbual-bual dengan hadirin, termasuk penuntut. Saya dapati penuntut tidak langsung bertanya akan keadaan di Malaysia, terutama politik. Mereka ternampak takut walaupun mesra.

5. Saya diberitahu kemudian bahawa mereka dimarah oleh Kerajaan Malaysia (tidak diberitahu siapa) kerana berada di tempat yang saya berada. Sebenarnya tidak ada penuntut yang berjumpa saya di masa-masa lain pun. Mereka takut biasiswa mereka ditarik balik. Demikian sifat Najib.

6. Najib nampak amat takut saya mempengaruhi penuntut. Sebenarnya saya diberitahu bahawa penuntut atau bukan penuntut di mana-mana sahaja amat benci kepada Najib kerana sebab-sebab yang diketahui umum.

7. Di zaman dahulu, parti lawan bebas berjumpa dengan penuntut di mana-mana sahaja. Mereka dapat mendengar syarahan pemimpin parti lawan, bahkan menubuh kelab-kelab parti lawan. Tetapi sekarang mereka tidak lagi bebas, terutama jika melibatkan saya.

8. Hari Raya adalah hari istimewa. Bagi umat Islam kita perlu sembahyang bersama, berslam-salaman, memohon maaf zahir dan batin, bermesra. Najib mungkin tidak faham ini.

9. Saya diberitahu rumah terbuka Najib meriah dan ada hibur-hiburan. Alhamdulillah. Saya ucap Selamat Hari Raya kepada Najib dan keluarganya serta penyokong-penyokongnya. Tanpa dipinta, saya maafkan mereka-mereka yang sepanjang tahun memfitnah saya khususnya TV3, Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, Salleh Said Keruak, Tunku Aziz, Annuar Musa dan beberapa lagi.

10. Kami suami isteri melawat kawasan menara terbakar. Polis tidak benarkan sesiapa mendekati menara terbakar ini.

11. Saya telah lihat di TV semasa saya masih di Malaysia kebakaran yang berlaku. Ternampak api yang membakar menara ini pelik dan berbeza sangat dari rumah terbakar lain. Ia seperti jamong gergasi. Dari bawah api naik di luar bangunan. Sebabnya ialah bahan yang digunakan sebagai dinding luar dari jenis yang mudah terbakar.

12. 80 orang dikesan mati terbakar kerana kebakaran bermula dari tingkat empat hingga ke bumbung, dalam dan luar.

13. Kerajaan mengarah supaya penduduk empat menara berdekatan yang diperbuat dengan bahan yang serupa supaya keluar dan tinggal di hotel.

14. Sembilan puluh peratus penduduk menara yang terbakar terdiri dari orang afrika, Arab dan Asia. Ramai dari mereka orang Islam. Bangunan ini dimiliki oleh dewan bandaraya.

15. Beratus-ratus jiran memberi pertolongan sukarela. Makan dan minum diberi percuma dan sukarelawan juga mengurus bantuan beribu kotak. Ramai yang menabur bunga di kawasan berdekatan, terutama di sekitar gereja.

16. Kerajaan sedang berusaha menurunkan bahan mudah terbakar dari hampir seratus menara di London dan bandar-bandar lain.

17. Sesungguhnya kebakaran menara ini merupakan satu malapetaka yang perlu dijadikan pengajaran kepada semua kita. Saya percaya menara di Malaysia biasanya diperbuat bahagian luarannya dari simen, batu-bata dan granite yang tidak mudah terbakar. Namun demikian, “fire-drill” perlu diadakan supaya penghuni tahu bagaimana menyelamat diri mereka. Tangga-tangga keselamatan perlu berada dalam keadaan tidak diganggu dengan barangan.

18. Saya dan keluarga ucap takziah terhadap keluarga mangsa kebakaran menara di London.

Friday, June 23, 2017

1. Saya kembali ke Kubang Pasu, kawasan saya dahulu, buat kali pertama untuk berbuka puasa di Kodiang selepas 14 tahun meletak jawatan sebagai Ketua Bahagian UMNO Kubang Pasu.

2. Ramailah juga ahli-ahli UMNO Kubang Pasu yang hadir dalam acara iftar itu. Saya sedih kerana ramai lagi dari mereka yang masih berada dalam UMNO.

3. Dalam ucapan saya, saya jelaskan bahawa UMNO sekarang bukan UMNO yang saya pimpin dahulu. UMNO sekarang bukan pun UMNO yang ditubuh pada 1946 oleh Dato Onn, UMNO yang mengalahkan Malayan UNION, dan mencapai kemerdekaan. UMNO sekarang telah dihijack oleh Najib untuk menjadi alat pelindung jenayah yang telah dan sedang dilakukan olehnya. Ia menggunakan duit Kerajaan dan duit 1MDB yang diselewengkan, untuk sogok ahli-ahli UMNO supaya terus menyokong dirinya. Sogokan ini dibuat melalui pelbagai cara.

4. UMNO Najib tidak lagi berjuang untuk bangsa, agama dan tanahair. Laporan Department of Justice Amerika menunjuk bagaimana berbillion Ringgit yang diselewengkan disalahguna, selain dari sogokan untuk mendapat sokongan; untuk cara hidup mewah. Duit diguna untuk beli kapal terbang, kapal mewah, hartanah dan bangunan mewah di Amerika dan UK, berlian beratusan juta Ringgit sebiji untuk isteri Malaysia Official 1, iaitu Najib.

5. Sebahagian besar berjumlah berbillion Ringgit yang diselewengkan diperolehi oleh sahabatnya Jho Low. Duit ini diguna untuk beli harta, untuk berjudi dan kehidupan mewah di AS dan UK.

6. Kita juga tahu bahawa di Singapura beberapa bank telah hilang lesen kerana terlibat dengan salahlaku wang 1MDB dan lebih enam orang didenda dan dipenjara kerana terlibat dengan penipuan duit 1MDB.

7. Penyokong Najib menuduh bahawa kononnya parti pembangkang termasuk saya terlibat dengan pengeluaran kenyataan oleh Dept of Justice Amerika. Amerika Syarikat bukan seperti Malaysia. Di Malaysia ada Perdana Menteri yang melalui wang dan ugutan mempengaruhi tindakan dan kenyataan oleh anggota Kerajaan. Di Amerika Presiden pun terpaksa menerima laporan berkenaan dirinya dari pegawai berkaitan dengan apa sahaja salahlaku olehnya. Dan Presiden biasa disingkir kerana perbuatan yang salah yang dilapor oleh pegawai agensi tertentu. Itulah yang menimpa Presiden Nixon kerana skandal Watergate.

8. Menuduh parti pembangkang di Malaysia mampu mempengaruhi Dept of Justice Amerika adalah satu kebodohan yang luar biasa. Dan duta besar Amerika telah menafikan tuduhan ini. Jenayah yang dilakukan adalah jenayah di Amerika, melibat bank-bank di Amerika, harta-harta di Amerika yang menyalahi undang-undang Amerika bernama Kleptocracy Asset Recovery.

9. Semua ini tentu diketahui oleh orang UMNO, terutama pemimpin mereka. Hanya yang telah disumbat dedak dalam mata dan telinga sahaja yang buta dan pekak yang tidak tahu.

10. Perbuatan ini sudah merosakkan negara yang dahulu dihormati dunia. Malaysia sudah disenarai dalam senarai 10 buah negara dengan tahap rasuah yang tertinggi di dunia.

11. Sokongan kepada Najib oleh ahli Umno bermakna mereka sokong jenayahnya dan sudah tidak lagi setia dan sayang kepada bangsa Melayu mereka, kepada ajaran Islam dan kepada negara mereka.

12. Seperti Najib mereka sudah jadikan wang tunai sebagai raja yang disembah. Secara langsung mereka mengkhianati bangsa, agama dan negara. Sudah tentu, bersama Najib, mereka mengkhianati parti UMNO yang asal. Malapetaka akan menimpa negara Malaysia ini kerana mereka sokong Najib.

13. Berhentilah dari mengkhianati UMNO yang sebenar. Tolaklah Najib dan keluarlah dari UMNO Najib untuk menyertai gerakan menjatuhnya dalam pilihanraya. Hentikan dari melindung makhluk perosak ini.

14. Tebuslah balik maruah Melayu, agama Islam. Janganlah begitu taksub kepada parti sehingga penyelewengan oleh parti pun tidak dipedulikan. Kembalilah kepada prinsip dan matlamat UMNO yang sebenar yang hari ini cuma berada dalam Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

1. I have written about Najib’s attempts to deprive the opposition of funds to campaign and develop an effective election machinery.

2. That is not all of course. The Election Commission has redrawn the boundaries of the constituencies so that the Malays are separated from the Chinese. He believes the Malays can be easily bribed to vote for BN but the Chinese will continue to be dead against him as they were in the 13th General Election.

3. Beyond that he will change the location of the voting stations so that the voters will find their names no longer at their usual stations. The voters have not been informed of this change. Opposition parties are denied access to the lists of voters. On polling day voters would not be able to vote if their names have been transferred to voting stations far from their usual one.

4. Bribery would be rampant. As happened in the by-elections, money would be given openly to voters who would then be made to swear to vote for BN. Other things would also be given, including equipments for kitchen use and food items.

5. In a number of cases this is already being done. Money and foodstuffs are being given out in the guise of fasting month support right now. Reporting bribery attempts will not result in any action by the police. Hence practically no reports were made during the by-elections. Disregarding the law by Najib and his cohorts will be common.

6. Currently RM10,000 to RM50,000 are being offered to ARMADA youths of PPBM to leave the party. Those receiving RM50,000 are made to sign documents requiring them to vote for BN.

7. Promises are also being made now for more money and goodies when the election is on. Already people who are not on the Government payroll are receiving monthly allowances. Chairman of the Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Kampung (village development committee) now receive monthly allowance of RM800. Fisherman get monthly allowances of RM200.

8. “Buka Puasa” events by opposition parties are blocked through warnings to donors not to be found sponsoring the “buka puasa” by opposition parties. Mosques and precincts are closed to opposition parties but open to UMNO. Would be donors would be harassed and threatened with visits by the Inland Revenue Board. It is sad to note that income tax officials cooperate with the BN totally in these harassments. Of course they stand to gain from the bonus for collecting more taxes for the Government.

9. And now the law on money laundering is being used to freeze the money belonging to potential donors to the opposition. That this can stop the victims from doing business does not concern Najib.

10. Banks have been told not to give loans to business people who might donate to the opposition.

Postal Votes

11. Postal votes of certain branches of the Government service including the police and the armed forces will be shifted to the constituencies contested by senior members of the BN to ensure victory. In the 2004 Election it is known that postal votes while still in their boxes were shifted three constituencies away in order to turn defeat into victory for a prominent Minister.

12. The number of voters in a constituency was increased to almost double between 2008 to 2013. Accordingly the candidate who had scored very badly in a previous election, was able to win by huge majorities in the following elections.

13. The opposition may have to face the possibility of the election being declared null and void should the BN lose by a small margin. Or, the Government will refuse to admit defeat. The opposition would be accused of cheating. No evidence would be needed for the Government to declare this. The bullies of the BN will be ready to create instability.

14. On this basis there could be a declaration of a state of emergency and Parliament would be suspended. A “Mageran” (Majlis Gerakan Negara – National Operations Council) form of Government would be installed and the country would be ruled by decree as happened in 1969.

15. At that stage the BN may offer monetary incentives to opposition MPs to cross over. Once the BN gains a sufficient majority, the emergency would be lifted and the BN would form a majority Government. Parliament would be recalled.

16. We all know that Najib is desperate not to lose his Premiership. Bersih saw many of these abuses of authority happening in the 2013 election. Worse things can happen in this 14th General Election.

17. We are not going to see fair election. The reason why Najib wanted to have large amounts of money is because he believes in Cash is King. Given very large amounts of money, he believes few can resist his blandishments. They would support him. Government money will be used widely. The ministries will not get the money allocated to them in the budget. Additionally the huge sums of money which the Dept of Justice says he had stolen from 1MDB will be used for bribing the electorate.

18. The people of Malaysia must reject the abuses of power by the BN party. They must be steadfast in voting against BN. They must ensure the defeat of the BN. The country will be totally destroyed if the BN is given another five years.

Monday, June 19, 2017

1. The A.G., Tan Sri Apandi Ali is frustrated at not being informed by the US Department of Justice of its latest civil lawsuits against 1MDB that appear to be a “repeat” of last year’s suits.

2. He expresses strong concerns at the insinuations that have been made against the Prime Minister (Dato Seri Najib Razak) of criminal wrongdoings.

3. Why the A.G. thinks he should be informed before the statements are made by the Dept of Justice of America is a mystery. There may be some understanding about cooperation between the two countries when carrying out investigations on international crimes. But the A.G. is not known for cooperating on 1MDB investigations with foreign counterparts. The Swiss Attorney General has said this clearly. He stated “despite repeatedly saying it (the Malaysian A.G’s Dept) will cooperate with any foreign agencies investigating the 1MDB scandal, (it) refused to reply to the Swiss Attorney General’s office request for detailed information on the issue”.

4. There was no agreement about informing the Malaysian A.G. on crimes committed in the U.S. or anywhere. The money laundering was through US banks, the purchases of property with allegedly stolen money were in the US and some twenty other criminal acts were all committed in the U.S. and are U.S. affairs. Whether the criminals are Malaysian or not is irrelevant. Is the Malaysian A.G. expecting to intervene in the release of the 250 page statement. Is he expecting to get the Department of Justice of the US to declare that the statements are official secrets, to be hidden from the public? Does he expect the Dept of Justice to declare that there have been no wrongdoings based on the statements? Does he expect the DoJ to ask “Malaysian Official 1” for confirmation that he was not involved in any wrongdoings. Does he expect the Department of Justice of the U.S. to close the case after the alleged criminal has denied he had committed any wrongdoings?

5. He, Apandi, can do this in Malaysia. He can ignore the laws of Malaysia. He can stop the police from further investigations. He can tell lies about the contents of the report made by Malaysian institutions and agencies. But he cannot expect the United States of America to collaborate in his own wrongdoings, including hiding evidence. Certainly Malaysian jurisdiction does not include the US.

6. This latest report, all 250 pages of it, is not a repeat of the first statements. It is perhaps the most comprehensive report resulting from months of thorough investigations by experts. It is devastating in exposing the details, including the conversations between the parties and the banks involved, the account numbers, the actual dates when large sums of money was diverted from the so-called 1MDB joint venture with Petro Saudi to the fraudulent companies, to banks and finally into the account of Malaysian Official 1 in Ambank Malaysia. Reference is also made to the wife of Malaysian Official 1 receiving diamonds and jewellery worth hundreds of million Ringgit. Since Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and BN Stategic Communications Director, Rahman Dahlan has identified Malaysia Official 1 as Najib, denial by the wife is about as good as the denial by Najib.

7. The statement insists and proves that the USD681 million and various other sums which were transferred to the account of Malaysian Official 1 came from 1MDB.

8. The amount of money from 1MDB which was stolen is mind-boggling. Even in USD they run into billions. The purchases include million-dollar properties, a jet plane, a huge luxury yacht, numerous diamonds each worth tens of millions of USD, setting up a film company and the production of films costing hundreds of millions of ringgit.

9. Then there is the life-style of Jho Low and Reza Aziz together with many 1MDB officials. Huge sums were lost in gambling at casinos in Las Vegas, flying all over the world in private jets, bought with stolen money or rented, sailings in luxury yachts etc.

10. These are serious and massive misuse and loss of money borrowed by 1MDB to invest as sovereign wealth.

11. Truly reading the statements by the Department Of Justice is hair-raising. Nothing on this scale had ever happened in Malaysia. Indeed even the officials of the Department of Justice of the United States were flabbergasted at the scale of money laundering, the greed and the robberies which had taken place. They believe this is the biggest case of money laundering that they have ever come across.

12. Yet in Malaysia, the A.G. and the IGP blatantly declare that no wrongdoings have been done to require investigations and criminal charges to be made. While being quick to set up “independent” commissions to investigate alleged crime committed 40 years ago because of a request by a party member, serious allegations by a justice department of the United Stated are simply brushed off. The A.G.’s sense of self importance is laughable.

13. Truly the rule of law no longer operates in Malaysia. Millions of Malaysians may not know or appreciate what has happened. But whether they know or not they will have to pay a very high price in the future as a result of the massive robbery perpetrated by the leaders they trusted to rule this country.

14. What has happened is shameful. Reading the report by the Dept of Justice of the US about the cheating, the blatant disregard for the laws of the country, the collusion by highly placed leaders, the greed make one want to hide in shame at being a Malaysia.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

1. Bangsa yang tidak hargai maruah bangsa tidak akan dihormati oleh masyarakat dunia. Lebih dari itu bangsa itu tidak akan berjaya, akan dihina dan dipermain oleh bangsa-bangsa lain di dunia.

2. Kita berjuang untuk dapat kemerdekaan kerana hasrat menebus maruah, dan menebus kuasa yang boleh menentukan maruah kita terpelihara.

3. Sebenarnya jalan yang termudah dan tidak ada kos ialah dengan menerima penjajahan dan menjadi hamba kepada orang lain. Tetapi banyak negara yang penduduknya sanggup bermati-matian untuk mencapai kemerdekaan, menebus maruah.

4. Kita di Malaysia tidak perang walaupun terpaksa melawan pengganas yang ingin mendiri pemerintahan komunis di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. Kita menang dan kita dapat memerintah negara kita. Kita pilih demokrasi sebagai cara untuk memulih maruah kita. Saya fikir buat beberapa dekad kita berjaya. Nama Malaysia terserlah dikenali di dunia dan dihormati.

5. Walaupun demikian itu belum mencukupi. Kita ingin menjadi negara maju menjelang 2020. Untuk ini kita bukan sahaja perlu tingkatkan pendapatan kita. Kita perlu miliki kebolehan dalam pelbagai bidang yang terdapat dalam negara maju. Di antaranya ialah bidang industri. Belum ada negara pertanian atau negara yang kaya dengan sumber alam yang ditakrif sebagai negara maju.

6. Kita pilih industri kereta bermotor sebagai catalyst (umpan) untuk tingkatkan kebolehan dan kemajuan kita dalam industri pembuatan. Industri kereta memerlukan komponen engineering sebanyak 4000. Sedikit demi sedikit kita akan menguasai bidang industri pembuatan kerana membekal komponen.

7. Dengan menjual Proton kita mengaku kita gagal dan kemajuan ke arah menjadi Malaysia sebagai negara maju terencat.

8. Ya. Maruah mempunyai kos. Kita mampu jika Kerajaan tidak menggunakan cukai ke atas rakyat untuk membeli sokongan melalui rasuah. Duit sebanyak 1.7 billion Ringgit yang kononnya diberi kepada Proton tidak sampai kepada Proton, setakat yang dapat diketahui.

9. Penjualan Proton dipaksa kerana dendam kesumat. Maruah tidak penting. Membalas dendam lebih penting.

10. Jika diteliti keuntungan perniagaan Malaysia hari ini, cukai yang dikutip tetap lebih tinggi dari zaman Proton laris dijual. Tetapi hutang Kerajaan membukit. Di mana pergi dana Kerajaan ini. Apakah ia telah masuk poket orang itu dan orang ini?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

1. Saya mengaku saya lawat Geely di negara China. Saya juga melawat Volvo di Sweden, Jaguar di Britain, Nissan dan Toyota di Jepun dan Volkswagen di Jerman.

2. Saya melawat banyak syarikat automotif di dunia untuk menjual Syarikat Proton. Tetapi saya gagal. Ternampak orang lain lebih berjaya, Syabas dan tahniah, saya ucapkan kepada mereka.

3. Mungkin saya gagal kerana bercakap berkenaan pembelian enjin dari Geely. Geely memiliki Volvo dan saya dapati enjin design Volvo cukup baik. Proton tidak ada enjin yang boleh diterima oleh Eropah. Jika dipasang enjin Geely/Volvo mungkin kita akan menepati spec Euro 6. Dahulu pasaran luar yang terbesar bagi Proton ialah Britain. Sekarang kita tak dapat jual barang sebiji pun kereta Proton di Britain dan di Eropah kerana tidak menepati Euro 5.

4. Saya cuba upgrade enjin Proton. Tetapi Proton tolak. Saya juga buat pick-up truck. Proton bukan sahaja tolak, tetapi tidak bersetuju jual 1000 Proton Preve yang pembeli sanggup mengalih dari sedan kepada pick-up.

5. Oleh kerana Honda tidak benar Perdana dengan enjin Accord dieksport, usaha dibuat untuk pasang enjin Campro Proton 1600cc dengan turbo charger yang mempunyai kuasa sama dengan Perdana 2000cc. Kereta ini didapati sama kuat dengan Perdana 2000cc dan mampu naik Genting Highlands tanpa sedikit pun masalah. Lagipun kos enjin Proton Campro RM8,000 lebih murah. Upgrade kepada 2400cc pun boleh. Tetapi Proton tolak.

6. Untuk cash-flow Proton perlu jual lebih dari 8000 biji tiap bulan. Tetapi Proton menjual kurang dari 8000 sebulan. Tidak dapat pendapatan yang cukup untuk bayar vendors dan overhead.

7. Vendors tidak membekal parts kerana tidak dibayar. Kereta tak dapat dipasang kerana tak cukup komponen. Keluaran rendah dari permintaan. Penjualan tidak dapat ditingkatkan. Demand ada. Bekalan kurang. Proton rugi.

8. Sejak saya tinggal Proton, pegawai dan kakitangan Proton tidak dibenar bercakap dengan saya, jauh sekali bertemu.

9. Ramai pembekal berjumpa saya untuk saya tolong dapat duit yang dihutang oleh Proton. Tetapi saya tidak boleh buat apa-apa.

10. Sebenarnya kereta Proton tidak kurang baiknya dari kereta import yang sama harganya. Tingkap automatik berjalan baik. Masalah ini diatasi 10 tahun dahulu tetapi masih disebut. Ramai yang membeli kereta Proton puas hati. Yang tidak puas hati tidak mengguna Proton, tidak tahu kualiti Proton. Mereka masih percaya cermin tingkap tidak naik.

11. Saya masih ingat zaman kereta Jepun dijadi objek ketawa kerana kononnya jika cat dikikis akan terlihat label Milo. Industri otomotif Jepun dan Korea berjaya kerana Kerajaan mereka tidak benar kereta asing diimport sehinggalah kualiti kereta mereka sudah boleh bersaing dengan kereta import. Sehingga kini pun tak banyak kereta buatan asing di negara mereka.

12. Kita terbuka. Siapa sahaja boleh pasar kereta mereka di Malaysia. Kereta kita tidak boleh masuk negara mereka kerana berbagai sebab. Dan kita akur.

13. Tak usahlah pertahan bahawa kita masih ada kereta nasional. Kereta milik orang lain, dikeluar dan dijayakan oleh orang lain, tidak boleh diiktiraf sebagai nasional. Apakah dengan pegangan melebihi 0.1% maka pihak yang memiliki 49.9% tidak punyai apa-apa kuasa langsung.

14. Ya. Memang terdapat kos yang tinggi mempertahan maruah. Lebih mudah jual sahajalah maruah.

Friday, June 2, 2017

1. In Singapore the Straits Times reports that MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) slaps fines on UOB and Credit Suisse for 1MDB related transactions.

2. MAS said it completed its two-year review of banks involved in 1MDB – related transactions.

3. Previous to this, two banks were shut down and seven people were arrested, fined and jailed for involvement in criminal acts related to 1MDB.

4. In America, the Department of Justice issued a 132-page statement regarding money laundering of 1MDB money done by Riza Aziz and Jho Low. The department stated that 3.5 billion dollars of 1MDB money was involved and 1 billion US of property, paintings and receipts from a film produced with the stolen money have been identified and frozen.

5. The Attorney General of Switzerland had investigated illegal acts involving 1MDB money and requested the cooperation of the Malaysian Attorney General to progress the investigations. The Malaysian Attorney General agreed to cooperate but subsequently refused.

6. Media reports throughout the world made it clear that stealing on a massive scale was done by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, referred to as Malaysian Official 1 in the Department of Justice report.

7. The reports were defamatory and if not true should have been sued by the Malaysian Prime Minister. But no summons have been made by the Prime Minister in any jurisdiction.

8. But at home all that happens is that the Attorney General simply declared that the Prime Minister has not committed any wrongdoings. This was corroborated by the Prime Minister.

9. The Attorney General then ordered that no more investigations on 1MDB should be carried out. Although he later said that he did not say this, the fact is that the Attorney General has not requested the Police, or the MACC or any other body to investigate 1MDB. Instead all the reports mentioned above were put under the Official Secrets Act. Access to the reports is now denied to everyone including Government agencies and institutions.

10. But we now hear fabulous reports by the MACC about people being caught with huge sums of money obtained corruptly. There seems to be a drive to clean up the country of corruption. This is great.

11. But no investigation, no media report is made of the 2.6 billion Ringgit which got into Najib’s private account. Is it because MACC believes the stories told about this money, which include;

a. Statement by Nazri Aziz on 11th Aug 2015 that “the money was a donation from a friendly country to help UMNO win the 13 General Election”.

b. Ahmad Maslan, on 30th July 2015 said, “Not true. There was no flow of funds in the personal accounts of the Prime Minister”.

c. Najib himself on 25th Jan 2016, “It is true that RM42 million went into my account, but I do not know who put it in”.

d. Najib, on 4th July 2015 stated, “I deny receiving any money in my account”.

e. Aziz Kaprawi, commenting on the allegation on 20th Aug 2015, stated “The donation was meant to help UMNO against DAP which is supported by the Jews”.

12. In the face of all these allegations, reports, statements and worldwide condemnations, shouldn’t the Attorney General open again the police investigations on the shenanigans involved in the management of 1MDB money and remove the reports by Bank Negara, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General, from the Official Secrets Act.

13. It is well-known that criminal acts in the Government do not constitute official secrets. In fact it is the duty of everyone in the Government or outside the Government to report such crimes.

14. It is absurd if the Malaysian Government insists there is nothing wrong with 1MDB when other countries are arresting people, closing banks and declaring that massive money laundering is done involving 1MDB money.

15. If really there has been no wrongdoings then the Attorney General must show proof that the money is all there, safe and sound.
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