Friday, January 31, 2014

Ringgit is weakening badly

I would like to share an email sent to me by Andrew Tang expressing concern on the riggit. Do you agree with his view?

Dear Tun,

I am truly amaze by your past achievements in bringing high growth to Malaysia a PM.Of late I am worry to see our RM weakening by so much while othe SEA has remain stable versus US dollar…is the government spending too much with not much revenue due to slower growth and foreign investing? I plead with you Tun to lead BN again and reinstate back Malaysia to its glory days…A weak RM couple with rising petrol price and subsidy cut back is not the solution…we should create more growth, spend wisely (the govnment) and bring up the standard our education so that all the hard work and benefits to the nation from our fathers and grand fathers can be pass on to futher generation..please do something..Malaysia PASTI boleh bukan saja boleh..proud to be a Malaysian..Salam hormat and Selamat Malam..29/1/2014

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