Friday, September 12, 2008

Snippets Tun M 
Corruption Report

1. Wonder what has happened to Mazlan Harun’s report to the Anti Corruption Agency regarding corrupt acts by Dato Seri Abdullah and Dato Seri Najib, President and Deputy President respectively of UMNO.

2. According to Kadar Shah the report had also been made to the party but he did not think the party would act. It would incriminate the leaders of the party itself.

3. Previously when UMNO members in my former division of Kubang Pasu came with evidence that money was used to persuade the delegates not to vote for me, the case was dismissed by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee even though clear evidence were presented that they had been paid money not to vote for me.

4. Since Mazlan Harun is against corruption by the UMNO President himself, it is most unlikely that any action would be taken on the accusation.

5. However, the report was also made to the ACA. Will the ACA act? As a Government agency, it should act without fear or favour.

6. I hate to make this comparison but in Israel the Prime Minister has been accused of corruption and the police carried out an investigation and found there was a case for the Prime Minister to be charged. Will we see this in our Malaysia?

7. There was a case involving a deputy minister who was accused of taking a bribe of 5 million ringgit. The Attorney-General said there was no case as the person alleged to have bribed the deputy minister denied that he gave any money.

8. Perhaps if the ACA asks the PM whether he had given any money to delegations from UMNO branches, he may deny it or give some spurious explanations. Will the ACA then conclude there is no case for the Prime Minister to answer?!
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