Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1. Why is it that when I defend UMNO or the Malays I am labelled a racist but not when others speak up for Chin Peng?

2. If speaking up for the Malays is considered racist then are the Malays to be denied their right to speak for themselves?

3. Liberalism is fine but it should not benefit only certain people and not others. By definition not benefiting certain people contradicts the very concept of liberalism.

4. I really don’t think openly slugging it out on racial issues in Malaysia is healthy. But if that is what Malaysians want then they should be prepared to slug and be slugged.


1. I am saddened that PAS should suggest banning Sisters in Islam.

2. I don’t always agree with the views of the SIS. But they have not negated Islam. In most instances they cite verses of the Quran and Hadith to support their views. If we don’t agree then give the reasons why we don’t agree. But to resort to banning is draconian.

3. We can imagine what a PAS Government for Malaysia would be like.
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