Friday, January 7, 2011


1. The advertising business in Malaysia must be doing very well. You cannot see buildings or trees or even the pylons supporting the monorail tracks because they are all covered with adverts or hidden by huge signboards on monopole. Sometimes whole buildings are wrapped in adverts. Buses and trains are similarly enveloped in advertisements.

2. I remember feeling great when the first monopole signboards made their appearance on the road to Subang airport. They made Kuala Lumpur look like the great cities of the world. I thought we were making progress.

3. The growth in the number of the huge monopole boards was rapid. New companies have been set up and are busy covering road bridges across streets and roads with huge adverts. There are also giant TV screens with moving pictures.

4. Nothing that can be plastered with adverts have been left bare. If one cannot see the forest for the trees, one can say that nothing can be seen of the architectural and landcaped beauty of Kuala Lumpur because adverts block your view.

5. Fortunately now we don’t have so many of the adverts with huge bigger than life pictures of Ministers and Menteris Besar with their Boss, the Prime Minister.

6. There was one which I remember of a Minister of Tourism together with the then PM all over the country. Maybe it was for visitors to know who was close to the Prime Minister. This will surely persuade them to make more visits to this great country.

7. Anything in moderation is good. But when you have a surfeit of anything you can get sick. I think KL has too many adverts. They really deface the city.

8. I think it is time we regulate these outdoor ads. What do you think?
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