Sunday, July 15, 2012


1. I am sorry to write again on the wrong things the United States is doing. It will hurt the supporters and apologists of the United States and United States’ Presidents. They will say I was worse when I was Prime Minister. That’s OK.

2. This time I read in the papers that the United States clears more from sanctions (including Malaysia). The reason for this considerateness is because these countries have cut back on oil from Iran.

3. The apologists for the United States will say that the United States have every right to apply sanctions against any country.

4. Correct.

5. But the United States has no right to force other countries to apply sanctions. Only the United Nations has. However, by threatening to penalise foreign financial institutions over transaction with Iran (in fact all transaction by the recalcitrant foreign banks), the United States has forced the countries targeted to stop business with Iran.

6. The United States has exempted Europe, China and India simply because these are friends or they are too big to force submission to United States foreign policies.

7. When the colonies of Western nations gained independence, they naively thought they would be free. But now we know that they are not free at all.

8. The West and the former colonial masters have not given up on their imperial dream. They still wish to dominate the world. With their economic clout and military threats they are doing this.
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