Friday, May 9, 2014


1. Boeing is the designer and assembler of all Boeing aircrafts. It also subjects the new aircrafts to rigorous test. It is totally responsible for the certification of the aircrafts and all the parts, avionics and safety features of the aircrafts.

2. The parts may be supplied by contractors and vendors but Boeing is responsible for the correct installation, testing and certification. Certainly the communication system is selected, tested and installed under Boeing supervision.

3. The communication system is the lifeline of the aircrafts. In any emergency the aircraft can speak directly with ground stations. Under no circumstances should communication equipment fail.

4. Currently the location and movement of all commercial aircrafts are monitored. Anybody can see on their hand phone the symbol of the aircrafts flying anywhere in the world. Their registered number, their makes, their owners, departure airports and destination can all be obtained through anyone’s mobile phone. Yet MH370 could disappear completely apparently even from the monitors of the countries owning sophisticated spy satellites.

5. In the case of MH370 the only thing that we know for certain is that after the co-pilot said “Alright, Good Night” there was no more communication. There was no call from the aircraft and ground station could not contact the aircraft at all. In other words there was total communication breakdown.

6. How was this possible! The pilot may disable it! Are the communication systems in a Boeing 777 so easily disabled? Is there no backup? Is there no fail-safe system for so important a facility? Or did a third party disable MH370’s communication system?

7. Whatever the stoppage of communication was sudden and total. One or the other of the pilots must have become aware of this communications failure unless of course both were responsible for disabling the system. At some stage the cabin crew must notice that the aircraft was not keeping to the correct flight path. Did they not try to ask the pilots why? If they fail to contact the flight deck, wouldn’t they be concerned?

8. All the cabin crew must be carrying mobile phones. Surely upon not getting explanations from the pilots as to the flight path change, they would be alarmed enough to call someone on the ground. But as far as we know they did not. Were their phones disabled? Or were they incapacitated in some way?

9. The passengers too, at some stage must feel alarmed. Did any of them try to phone their relatives? They did not. Were they also disabled or their phones disabled?

10. Some relatives on the ground in Malaysia rang up the passengers. They could hear the phone ringing but was not picked up. There was no answer. Could it be that the passengers have all been disabled?

11. As I said the position of commercial aircrafts are constantly monitored. They all appear on the screen of our phones. MH 370 disappeared from the screen. Why? What equipments do passenger aircrafts carry so that their position can be chartered and broadcast? If a plane disappears wouldn’t someone notice. Yet the plane vanished and no one seems to know. Can Boeing explain how this can happen? But Boeing is deathly quiet! No explanation at all as to how the communication system and monitoring of position can fail in a Boeing aircraft.

12. If this can happen to MH370, a 777 Boeing, is it safe to fly in such planes. When will another plane disappear??

13. The assumption is that MH370 fell into the Indian Ocean. Can a plane that heavy, made of glass, aluminium, titanium and composites, plunge into the sea and not break up, leaving broken parts and oil slicks. Even if the sea was calm a plane would break up. The engines too can break off and leave traces of oil etc. Whether the pilots were in control or not, when the fuel was exhausted the plane must drop. It cannot achieve a soft landing like the Hudson River case. It must drop into the sea violently. Even if the sea was calm, the plane must break up. But the suggestion is that the whole plane sank intact into the sea! Is this possible?

14. Until now nothing has been found to indicate the breakup of the plane.

15. Boeing has a lot to answer. Until the plane is found and the causes of the failure of communication equipment and the disappearance are fully explained, one must conclude that Boeing aircrafts are dangerous to fly in.

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