Friday, June 6, 2014


1. The Malaysian Constitution provides for a Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary democracy. Of late there has been a tendency to ignore the constitution and to effectively change it by other means.

2. The Constitution can be changed but there are procedures for doing this. Nobody can change it on his own. States cannot change it nor can rulers without the approval of the Federal Parliament and the Federal Government.

3. If the Constitution is ignored by anyone, others will follow suit. The Constitution is the basic law of the country. When a precedent is established, it will become a base for other changes.

4. There is already a feeling of disrespect for the royals. This may lead to other forms of disrespect. Although by and large the Malays are for the institution of the monarch, when their ability to defend is eroded, they might forego their adat.

5. It is seen that some quarters are making use of royalty to overcome national policies and objectives. These people must stop especially when they are foreigners.

6. I will write more about this but as the Johor State Council is about to change certain rules, I deem it necessary that these attempts to effectively change the Constitution be realised by the citizens of this country.
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