Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My blog became one year old last week. (The first posting appeared on 1 May, 2008).

It had been an exciting journey to be able to share my thoughts with so many who had taken time to visit and comment on my postings.

When I first started blogging, I was merely trying to find ways of expressing myself after being blocked by the mainstream media.

I did not expect to receive such high hits (to date it is 18,710,769) and such thoughtful comments. I have tried my best to respond to these comments. But the commenters must know there are too many.

There had been times, especially when I was travelling, when I found it to be quite difficult to keep up with the postings but I am glad that I had managed to ensure my blog remains active.

I have to thank visitors and commenters for their continued support. Without that, I would not be inspired to continue blogging, at least not at the pace that I do.

I hope to be able to continue with my blogging and I also hope that your support will keep on coming.

Thank you.
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